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I'm baaaaack!!!

What up fam. Ya boy is back! I haven't updated my website in the last few months because I just moved back home. Ya know RL stuff goes on I'm glad I'm back. So far this virus isn't going away anytime soon and unfortunately anime conventions are a major casualty and it sucks but I can manage. Well of course the libraries are closed and have been closed since April when "the vid" actually started brewing and 45 was hiding with his tail between his legs.

As for ya boy right now aside from my RL job, going to the gym and other things I have to deal with I'm continuing the "Angry Filipino Series" which is on Tuesday on my YouTube Channel also I'm also also on Twitter which has been my main source of social media because (f**k Facebook!) though I haven't posted anything legit on instagram I will post photos on this website because I'm not posting a lot of photos on instagram except for me cosplaying and some timeline stuff. But also I have a twitch which I promise to do twitch at least three times a week and in the evenings (unless I'm closing at work)


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