Angry Filipino Series on YouTube


Who is Angry Filipino?

Angry Filipino is based off of my original series "Thabaws Vlogs" which I started in 2013. We did four seasons of the series where I got to talk about content involving wrestling, sports, hauls and of course life in general. 

During my time I had to stop vlogging while I was in culinary school because I was busy with schooling and didn't want to ruin my chances on getting into a great job due to social media.


After a few years and finishing school I restarted vlogging but I had to stop because of personal reasons and ended after Season Four when I retired from playing World Of Warcraft which I was formerly known as Frank Thabaws.

Then I started a new series called "The FR4NKIE Show" which is similar to the preceding vlog series but I get to talk about animes, conventions and all other whos and what's going on also I get to do reaction to videos on music videos and bad rappers. After a while I finished with 100 Episodes after leaving my last cooking job which was at of course SH*T SHACK!!!

During the time of recess I had to rebrand as an aggressive character  and still get to talk about animes, attending conventions, reaction to videos and of course BURIAL OF COWORKERS. I only do the series as a personal hobby aside from cosplaying and watching animes. I really don't have any intention on being a big time YouTuber like Jake Paul or Pewdepie but I try to keep the entertainment level as decent as possible.

Just a fair warning "DON'T GET BUTTHURT" if I make fun of people on YouTube I'm only doing my series as basically my own opinion/thoughts exactly. Also for comedic entertainment (or banter) . I know some people are NOT happy about what I do on YouTube but I really don't care about their stupid feelings.


Just like what Sho'Nuff from "The Last Dragon" says "KISS MY CONVERSE!" just like what Sho'Nuff did to Batman after he obliterates Leroy Green and made him kiss those CONVERSE! (The REAL Ending of "The Last Dragon")

Topics I basically cover?

Just your all-around YouTube content creator. Typically I talk about Animes, Waifus, Some Toy Hauls, Life in General, Reaction to jabronis who do BULLSHIT and of course DESTROYING JABRONIS who try to toxify the world. I just don't really like them.

Typically, I'm not an official pundit when it comes to animes and waifus in general there are plenty of YouTubers who are better pundits on animes then I am. Pretty much I am a WAIFU CONNISEUR someone who loves multiple waifus kind of like how a sommelier loves wines. My choices of animes and waifus are my very own choices and not of others. 

Who do I based my character off of?

Lemme see here... my character "Angry Filipino" is based off of some heel wrestling characters of the 80's/90's. I have a bit of a sailor tongue similar to The Iron Sheik, my laugh is based off of The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase and of course my favorite of course has to be Ravishing Rick Rude back in WWE where he mentions about "Fat and Out of Shape" where people just get angry at them when the wrestler speak the truth about them. Oh yes, did I mention about The Dudley Boyz back in ECW they were freaking the true definition of my character.

Other than that I just like doing a series that talks about topics and get a laugh off of...

Equipment used for series...

Here's some of the tool I usually use to film and edit my videos.

Filming the series I use my personal phone which is the Iphone 11. I really need to buy a new tripod and a gimbal when I do videos because my tripod is CHEEKS. I guess this is what a budget YouTuber does.

Editing wise I use a program called "Filmora X" which is recommended by most content creator I see on YouTube.

The intros and outro are by they got some killer intros and outros.

Lastly I use a program where I get to switch my face onto other people which is my own GAMECHANGER just for the entertainment purposes.