Sup Everyone!

Welcome to my about me section. Well I guess I'm gonna have to spill my guts about me. I mean the me aside from being a YouTuber and Cosplayer.

Random Facts about me...

  • I am born and raised in the Emerald City (Seattle, Washington)

  • I lived in the Philippines for about a year in 2005.

  • Speaking of Philippines I have dual citizenship (USA/Philippines)

  • I can also speak Ilocano and Tagalog (not fluently) I do also speak some spanish and german.

  • I have started working since I was 14 years old worked in my dad's lawn care service.

  • I worked 38 straight days during one summer it was freaking brutal.

  • Aside from cosplaying and content creating. I'm also an avid funko pop, jersey collector and also a sneakerhead.

  • My favorite movies are Boondock Saints, Scarface and Straight Outta Compton but I'm a sucker for anything directed by Quentin Tarentino.

  • I played center my senior year in JV Football

  • I was a "five-weeker" during my junior year in High School. I almost dropped out of high school.

  • Most of the time I listen to 90's hip hop but I also listen to Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Travis Scott and prolly anything that doesn't involve mumble rapping. I disdain mumble rappers.

  • I used to be a big wrestling fan and attended Wrestlemania 19. I don't watch wrestling as much as I used to now.

  • My favorite video games are Animal Crossing, Zelda, Final Fantasy X, NBA 2K and WWE 2K

  • I do like watching sports most of the time especially football, soccer, baseball, basketball and also I did play those sports myself back in high school.

  • My biggest pet peeve is people who think they can sing and yet they can't and also people who love playing with balloons. Omg, I hate balloons.

  • I don't get along with people especially most who start dramas. Yes, that is one of my major vices.

  • I'm usually a lone wolf/solo player. (I don't have a group or anyone hanging out with me)

  • I'm the youngest of three (Doesn't get along with either of my siblings)

  • I don't want any kids anytime soon even adoption is out of the picture.

  • I was expelled from middle school. I didn't get along with anyone in both Middle and High School.(will not explain why!)

  • I have been in fights and caused trouble at school.

  • I'm not really interested in any sort of relationship. My life is complicated currently.

  • My favorite animes all-time are: Sword Art Online, Tenchi Muyo, Doremon, Eyeshield 21, Gundam Wing and Captain Tsubasa.

  • Currently my faves are: Love Live, My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen and Spy X Family.

  • I have never gotten myself into cosplaying until I was in my late 30's even though I started watching animes since I was a kid.

  • I used to play World of Warcraft had an account for about six years before I quit after "Legion" came out. (Update: I restarted Playing WoW in April 2022)

  • I often sleep in church. I mean I actually sleep in church so that's why I walk away prior to sermons. (Yes, this is why I don't attend church as much even on Zoom)

  • I used to watch The Simpsons, Family Guy and South Park.

  • I graduated with an Associates Degree. (Culinary Arts Student)

  • I actually met WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin

  • I actually met my waifu (Kurumi Tokisaki's VA) Alexis Tipton

  • My favorite team is the San Francisco 49ers (obviously). Also been known to be a fan of the Atlanta Braves, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Seattle Sounders FC and Seattle Kraken.

  • I have a tattoo of Chief Knock-A-Homa (Old Atlanta Braves Logo) on my back and Astolfo (from Fate) on my right arm.

  • I used to have my ears stretched and a tongue piercing.

  • I used to have my hair bleached but I don't do it anymore because I'm actually getting thinner.

  • I only been to three states in America. (Washington, Idaho and Oregon)

  • My dream vacation would be in Monaco

  • I can't drink too much milk because I maybe lactose intolerant.

  • Also on the pet peeve part. I don't like people who stay after the store closes at night (sheesh, people need to go home... too stoopid)

  • I don't get along with people who come in at the last hour when the store is closing.

  • I used to work for the Seattle Mariners when T-Mobile Park opened in 1999.

  • I'm usually a social drinker who like drinking beer and red wine (and Johnny Walker black or Courvoisier) sometimes during anime conventions.

  • I do like fine dining only on my off days and whenever I'm in a great mood.

  • I do love cooking sometimes whenever I feel great.

  • I was an athlete used to play football, basketball, soccer and baseball back in high school except I kinda suck at those sports.

  • I only got honors in high school maybe like a few times (finished with a 2.7 GPA)

  • On bad days (which is most of my days when I get off work) I usually eat Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.

  • Most of my songs on my spotify are rap music thats on my play list and yes it's also my workout music.

  • Yes, I'm an introvert and also nonbinary seeing my flag in the back of my bedroom.

  • I don't really like anyone especially if were close friends or family I just don't get along with them.

  • I haven't had a girlfriend since 2008. (Haiya!)

  • Whenever I come to work I have to play the song "I have come to kill you" by Henrietta Collins and The Wifebeating Childhaters.

  • My favorite comedians are Adam Sandler, Louis CK, Denis Leary, Katt Williams and the late Bernie Mac.

More to come....stay tuned!!!


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