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Sup Everyone!

Welcome to my about me section. Well I guess I'm gonna have to spill my guts about me. I mean the me aside from being a YouTuber and Cosplayer.

Random Facts about me...


Old AF

Why Angry Filipino?
Short story, I've been known to have a bit of a short temper. Yes, I get easily triggered over the smallest of things in life.

Is Scar Valencia your real name?

Hell Naw, It's kinda my pen/stage name if incase I plan to become a comedian or an actor (which I doubt I will)

How long have you've been cosplaying?
Since Summer of 2017.

First cosplay?

Kirito from Sword Art Online

First Convention attended?

Sakuracon 2017 (As a volunteer) Kumoricon 2017 (As a cosplayer)


Duh, Filipino... (I was actually born in USA)

When are you ever getting back in the kitchen as a cook?

Currently, I'm NOT working in a restaurant since I'm still working my regular job and I hope to get back once everything is back to actual NORMAL (Post-C*vid). I do miss cooking but since my last work I have decided not to pursue any jobs involving Fast Food (smh?)

Favorite Movie?

Scarface, Anything from Tarentino, Full Metal Jacket, Bruce Lee movies, and some Adam Sandler movie (The Waterboy is my favorite)

Favorite Music?

Mostly old school rap music (Eminem, Tupac, Kendrick and NWA), some Travis Scott, Ez Mil and Drake but recently started listening to Scottish Grime or UK Grime as they say but also listen to some Anime OST's.

How long have you been a YouTuber for?

I've been doing YouTube for about Eight years but haven't really found any sort of success. I don't wanna make it a career or a main job I just do it as kind of a side work similar to cosplaying.

Favorite Teams?

Obviously, The Niners... duh!!! I also support the Sounders, Mariners and Kraken (They my hometown teams and I do miss the Sonics) lastly I do support Liverpool FC and Bayern Munchen.

Favorite Pair of Shoes?

Jordan 11 Space Jams (Owned them and only worn during special occasions)

Favorite Video Game?

Guilty Gear

Pet Peeves?

Dramatic People, Getting into Arguments, Bad/Fringe Coworkers (That's most of my idiotic coworkers), Filipino Time, Eating in front of people, cell phone usage while driving (phone calls and text message), People asking how does "this work" or Novices who don't know how to use items they plan to buy. (Geez, go watch a YouTube Video you fucktwat), People thinking I'm Alexa or Siri, Coworkers who follow me on Social Media, Inconsistency, People who ask either Siri or Alexa on the "most simplest ass things EVER!?" (like cooking an Egg or peeling an Orange), Vegans, People who come to work just to eat the FREE FOOD!, Sleeping in Church, Long Sermons and/or Worship services (yes, I don't go to church if a certain idiot sings on those Sundays), Miss pronouncing my (actual) last name (Valencia is NOT my real last name), Long Lines (like at Dollar Tree, Walmart or the Plasma Center), Gum Chewing 




Most of my social media will be


(Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok)

You can direct message me on twitter!

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