Hello Ladies and Gentleman,

My name is Frank and I'm the demigod also known as FR4NKIE  the notorious cosplayer and vlogger (on YouTube). I'm pretty much known for being a weeb and an outlandish persona. I've been an anime fan for well over 30 years of my life time. My first experience is watching the Original Voltron (Not the Netflix version). I been through it all from the great anime that we have today to the worst anime of all I mean (That Americanized) Dragon Ball Z. OMG, I wish I could explain myself...

My first experience at a con was in 2017 at Sakuracon. I have NEVER been to an anime convention before. I admit! It was balls to the walls fun for a person who pretty much a loner most of his life I got to meet some new (somehow made some enemies) friends and it is true to this day.

First cosplay was a few months later is Kirito from Sword Art Online which I wore some Yellow ass Jordan shoes. 

Outside of what I'm notorious at...

I have associate degree graduating from a certain Culinary School (which closed down like a few years ago) studied English, psychology, literature and mathematics.

I'm also a devoted christian who "tries" to attend every sunday unless they try to hang out during coffee hours which I'm sure they would. Aside from watching animes and cosplaying I'm known for having a pretty sweet sneaker and jersey collection. I mean hell if your ever around the worst city in America that is the only usual things I wear. My prized possession is my Jordan 11 Space Jams which cost me around $350 and I bought them with my first paycheck during my time on externship.

Currently, I'm not cooking right now since I got laid off due to "THE 19" and I tried working again but had to deal with some "little boy" (which I had to deal with during the early parts of Angry Filipino Series) doesn't really need to go back to cooking atm since most of the places are either closed or temporarily closed. I hope we get businesses fully reopened by 2022.

Nah, I happy with what I'm doing I got a forty hour a week job that at least pay rent and bills and I have NO KIDS or WIFE or Girlfriend (maybe boyfriend. hehe!)

Also, I'm a fan of the 49ers since the 80's when they had Montana and Rice and have been a fan for many years. Did I mention I do like the Atlanta Braves (that will be later on). I'm an avid sports fan of: Liverpool, Bayern Munchen, and of course Atlanta United (MLS). 

As for my tattoos:

On my right arm it my first tattoo of a jester which I got in 2006 but got redone later. Also have the word "Only God can Judge Me" which is a song from the late Tupac Shakur. Lastly I have a tattoo from the anime series called "FGO" or the cartoony version of the game "Fate: Grand Order" it's a rider character named Astolfo or Rider of Black.

Left Arm is of course the flag of the Philippines which is self explanatory on the other side is the Celtic cross with the words "In Nomine Patris et Fili et Spirtu Sancti" which means "In the name of the Father the son and the Holy Spirit.

Lastly on my back is a tattoo of the old Atlanta Braves mascot it's the picture of Chief Knockahoma. I betcha they're going to be renamed like what happened with the Washington Redskins.