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Angry Filipino

The man who simps for Kafka, Nobara Kugisaki, Yor Forger well...

Outside of my own simpin and pimpin life. I do hold a 40 hour a week jerb hustlin and busslin doing things like picking orders wearing that orange vest (and not liking it) of course dummy your there to work not make friends or hang out or something. Save the hanging out for the bars. I do miss being a cook since I did go through two years in culinary school and watching Martin Yan and Auntie Fee (RIP) videos on YouTube. Not only that if I'm not at conventions or somewhere over the rainbow I usually love watching hockey. Especially Kraken games at Climate Pledge Arena I know I do work there as well which is cool since I know I need a lot of dough because I'm too much PULUBI!

Other known facts about me:

  • I did live in Philippines for almost a year.

  • I attended Wrestlemania XIX and Winter Classic at T-Mobile Park.

  • I have a tattoo of a certain FATE character on my arm. Yeah, I did cosplay him on a few occasions.

  • I've been a 49ers fan ever since I was in grade school.

  • I've been a fan of hockey even before the Kraken even existed.

  • I do love fried chicken only on Mondays but I do have a sweet spot for some Chicken Katsu Curry and the best way to serve it is with two spam musubis.

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